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Are You Getting Ready to Re-Open Your Restaurant?

As the restaurant industry has been hit-incredibly hard over the last few months due to Coronavirus; many have had to adapt to takeaway services or close altogether to abide by government regulations.

But as the country starts to ease out of lockdown; restaurants around the country are looking to open up whenever they can. If you are a restaurant owner in this position; you may find that simply opening your doors and ensuring social distancing will be enough to get back up and running.

restaurants opening - catering butchers

One of the problems may be with your current food supply chain. Are they still providing services at the moment? Some may well have had their production bought to a halt during the lockdown. According to an article by the National Geographic, beef and other products have had supply issues over the last few months. Also, they may be working on ways to open up and start working again, themselves. That means that your usual supplier might be causing you problems, with deliveries, when it comes to this weekend and opening your restaurant to customers.

That’s where we come in.

Catering Butchers in the South East

Burts are catering butchers in the South East, specialising in providing the highest quality meat produce to restaurants in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey.

We’ve been working throughout lockdown and have even adapted ourselves. A few months ago we introduced a home delivery services for customers in our local area, so we could do our bit during the pandemic. Which is still going strong!

We’ve already adapted to the new working regulations surrounding Coronavirus. Therefore, we can ensure a contact-free production and delivery process to make sure the meat delivered to you arrives in perfect condition.

Get in touch with us

If you’re planning on opening your restaurant, we’d love to provide you with the best quality meat for your meals. Contact us today to find out more, by calling 01424 730417, or filling in our contact form. We work with large corporations as well as pubs, restaurants and cafes – any business who wants to serve exceptional quality meat to their customers.

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