Our buying philosophy

We work with our suppliers, not against them.

We’ve built up numerous close contacts over the years; we’re loyal and fair and because of that our suppliers look after us. Very rarely do we have a product that can’t be sourced within a couple of days.

All our nominated suppliers are audited against our stringent standards, which gives you as the customer peace of mind that throughout their life, products have been bred, processed, stored and delivered in the best possible way.

Picture of Burts Butchers preparing meat

Benefits to customers

Buying from Red Tractor, Eblex and BRC accredited companies means we can guarantee our customers that products they serve have been properly cared for and are of the highest possible quality money can buy.

With our farm-to-fork traceability scheme, products can be tracked back to the farm where they were bred – and in some cases, even down to the food they ate.

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