18 May 2022

National BBQ Day 2022

Happy National BBQ Day! Yes, you did read that right, everyone’s favourite summer activity has a National Day of celebration in its honour!… Read More
05 May 2022

The Pros of Being a Pro in Your own Kitchen

Cooking a meal at home may sound like a chore to some but there are many advantages to getting your hands dirty and becoming a… Read More
11 April 2022

The Evolution of Butchers

Humans have been eating meat much before the beginning of historical records. The evolution of butchers have been one of the most necessary cogs in… Read More
24 March 2022

What is Black Pudding Made Of?

Here in the UK black pudding is a very common sight. However, a surprising amount of people have never tried it and still ask the… Read More
22 March 2022

How Sausage Rolls are Made

Sausage rolls are actually very easy (and tasty!) to make. So if you’re a restaurant or caterer looking at perfecting your Sausage Roll Recipe, or… Read More
22 February 2022

Reganuary Isn’t just for January

Some of you may or may not have heard of Reganuary. It is an idea that has captured the imaginations of chefs, farmers and your… Read More
09 February 2022

Are Meat Substitutes Really Healthier for you?

You might have seen in recent years that more and more plant-based meat substitutes are appearing on the shelves of your local supermarket. Whether you… Read More
21 January 2022

How to Properly Carve a Piece of Meat

Carving meat is a skill that is reasonably easy to pick up. However, very few of us are ever taught how to do this ‘properly’. Read More
05 January 2022

Healthier Meat Choices for 2022

With us being almost one week into 2022 now, there is a good chance that some people will have already given up on the new… Read More
22 December 2021

Merry Christmas from Burts Catering Butchers

This year has truly whizzed past! We hope that you get the chance to slow down and relax over this Christmas period. From all the… Read More

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