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Would You Swap a Beefburger For a Plant Based Alternative?

Although the UK has a possible growing desire for options other than meat, the latest Twitter Poll authenticates that consumers are still not wanting to change the meat for their beefburgers.

According to Global Meat News, the Twitter Poll reveals that 78% of participants still would not want to try a plant based alternative, with only 22% saying they would give it a go.

Would You Swap a Beefburger For a Plant Based Alternative?

Even though plant based proteins are a growing market, companies are still trying to come up with an alternative to the classic burger. Yes there is falafel, soya, tofu etc. But as far as Burts are concerned, there is nothing that beats the classic beef in a burger. Full of flavour and a must have for all the barbecues this summer.

The alternative protein choices are certainly popular, but based on research, there is still uncertainty as to whether it will ever take over the nation’s love of meat!

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