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Worldwide Demand for Meat Steadily Rising

According to a recent report by Statista, the meat industry is seeing a steady increase in the demand for poultry products across the world. To add to this increase; the recent pandemic has meant that many of the larger food chains have experienced unprecedentedly high-demand over the last few months.

The panic buying in supermarkets, coupled with social distancing and self-isolation measures in place has meant the demand for meat produce has risen sharply whilst the production of meat has slowed.

As a result of this, you may have noticed that certain products in your local supermarket are in limited supply.

Business Insider reports that local butchers like us across the country are booming, as larger suppliers struggle to cope with the demand.

Buying from Local Suppliers

You may have found that switching away from a larger supermarket chain to local butchers means you still have a much healthier stock of poultry and fresh food. It’s also positive for these smaller businesses, as it means that they’re getting more customers during this uncertain time.

local butchers in the South East keeping up with the high demand for meat products

As high-quality catering butchers in the South-East; we’re used to selling mainly to businesses in the hospitality sector such as restaurants and pubs. Who always expect the best quality meat.

Since the lockdown, we’ve opened up to delivering to domestic customers in our local area.

And better still, the meat we deliver comes direct to your front door with our zero-contact delivery service. This can be especially helpful to people who might be vulnerable or are self-isolating.

We’re continuing to provide great quality chicken, beef, sausages, pork, and plenty more. We even sell products such as eggs, flour and hand sanitiser – products that are certainly hard to come by these days!

So if you’d like to order from us and support local businesses please use our order form. If you have any questions about our service, please call or email us.

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