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Why You Need To Buy Meat From a Local Butcher

Here at Burts Catering Butchers, we firmly believe everyone should be supporting and buying meat from a local butcher. Not just with butchery, but with many other products and services. The simple act of buying your meat from a local butcher has huge knock-on effects for not only the butcher themself but also you and the planet. Let’s discuss why you need to buy meat from a local butcher.

How buying meat from a local butcher will help the planet

A simple way of thinking about how what you purchase affects the planet is by the number of miles a piece of meat has had to travel to get into your fridge or freezer. Local butchers typically work with local farms that ethically rear livestock. There are fewer food miles associated with buying locally raised meat than from a supermarket.

Why You Need To Buy Meat From a Local Butcher

Quality of the meat

The quality of meat is likely always going to be higher than that of a supermarket. Shopping from your local butcher almost ensures that the produce is fresher and reared correctly.

In a supermarket, meat is usually packaged in a factory and left on a shelf to be brought. Every butcher carries huge amounts of pride and will show passion for their work.

Additionally, a supermarket has to manage a wide variety of stock whereas a butcher’s sole focus can be on the meat. This undoubtedly leaves you with quality supermarkets will struggle to compete with.

why you need to buy meat from a local butcher

As with many other butchers, Burts Catering Butchers offers a traceability scheme. Traceability schemes aim to assist the reliability of food safety and handling practices. For meat production, this is the ability to trace any cut of meat right back to the farm it was reared on – and in some cases, even down to the food they ate. For more information check out our blog on Why Meat Traceability is Important.

The service you receive

Buying from your local butcher will give you an experience unmatched by a supermarket. Staff are likely to be well trained and friendly in a supermarket. However, if your local butcher is anything like us then they’ll have been in the trade for generations. Naturally, this brings a considerable amount of expertise and knowledge, which we are more than happy to share with our clients.

Your local butcher can offer a more personal service. They can chat to you about what sort of cut you would like, what you are trying to cook and whether there are any better alternatives. It is all about that personal service with a butcher!

Any high-quality butcher will likely have also built up numerous close contacts over the years. We’re loyal and fair and because of this, our suppliers look after us. Very rarely do we find a product that cannot be sourced within a couple of days.

Why You Need To Buy Meat From a Local Butcher

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Burts Catering Butchers pride ourselves on what we do and how we operate. We believe shopping locally is so important for people to do. It’s one of the best ways to support your local community and help British farmers. After reading we hope you have more of an insight into why you need to buy meat from a local butcher.

Looking to order a high-quality cut of meat that you can be confident in? Feel free to place an order with us. Alternatively, if you’re looking to find out some more information about how we work don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 01424 730417 or contact us here.

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