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Which Burger is Your Favourite?

It is a great and sociable thing to go out for a burger! All ages like a good burger, from the young to older generations. Perhaps the accompaniments differ slightly over the age ranges, but still, a burger is a burger at the end of the day! So which burger is your favourite?

Beef Burger

The good old traditional beef burger. Full of ground beef, lots (or a little) of wonderful flavours that will enhance the taste. A good quality beef burger can be a good, high-protein meal—especially if it’s grass-finished beef. Beef is one of the best sources of B12, a vitamin essential to the production of red blood cells and energy.

Which Burger is Your Favourite?

Chicken Burger

Either as a piece of chicken breast (the nicest way) or ground chicken that has been made into a burger shape, chicken burgers again can be full of flavour. All the accompaniments make this burger one of the nicest. Fairly low in calories, a good piece of meat and top notch taste!

Mushroom Burger

You may be pleasantly surprised by the meaty texture of a portobello mushroom burger. Plus, they have a robust flavour. Plus you don’t have to douse it in condiments to trick yourself into thinking you’re enjoying a burger. Many portobello mushroom burger recipes and menu options include a lot of melted cheese, however. While mozzarella may still be lower in fat than all those blue cheese options on a bacon burger or the thick slices of cheddar layered in a cheeseburger, cheese can still be a calorie trap. If you are looking for a lower calorie option, then ditch the cheese altogether on your mushroom burger.

Cheese Burger

As per the beef burger but with a whole load of cheese! It makes for a really tasty burger, but just watch the calorie intake. Even more so, if it is a double cheese burger!

Turkey Burger

Perhaps you can consider a turkey burger a stunt double for your ground beef burger. If you choose a turkey burger made from ground breast meat, it will be ultra-lean, low in calories as well as low in fat. If you don’t choose a turkey burger made from breast meat however, you may be better off choosing a traditional burger. Many turkey burgers include all parts of the bird, including the fatty skin and contain as many calories and as much fat as a regular burger.

Which Burger is Your Favourite?

Veggie Burgers

Traditional veggie burgers are satisfying, can be full of flavour and a great way to slash saturated fat when used to replace beef burgers. Some, however, are just as high in calories as traditional burgers. Some of the pre-made veggie burgers contain a lot of oil, too. On top of all that, some store-bought veggie burgers are packed with lots of salt to give extra flavour (as a lot of vegetarian options can be). Meanwhile, some are made with soy and others are stuffed with vegetables – check the ingredients!

Which Burger is Your Favourite?

There really is nothing like a good burger. So which burger is your favourite? Obviously, being butchers, we are not a big fan of the more obscure veggie options, such as falafel, black bean or quinoa burgers – we like a fabulously traditional meaty burger. But always with the best possible meat. Which is where Burts Catering Butchers come into their own. Working across the south east of the UK, including Sussex, Surrey and Kent, we supply many nice eateries with the beef, chicken, pork or turkey, to make their own burgers. You will ALWAYS find a burger of some description on any menu – they really are extremely popular choice. Served with chips, fries, sweet potato fries (a popular and current choice) plus salad, pickles and all the sauces….a tasty and filling meal and always a winner in our eyes!



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