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What Does Your Meat Say About You?

Ever wondered whether you’re picking the best quality meat for your restaurant or pub? There are many places that sell low priced meat, but that’s generally because it’s poor quality. If you purchase this kind of meat for your business, it does show. Customers are not silly and you can’t hide a piece of poor-quality meat with a bit of sauce or seasoning. The proof is in the taste, texture and cooking and will likely reflect poorly on your business. Purchasing good quality meat will help build your reputation and build loyalty amongst your customers; if it tastes good they will keep coming back for more!

So what questions do you need to ask when purchasing high quality meat for your business:

There is nobody to answer these type of questions when you purchase pre-packaged and pre-cut meat sold in supermarkets or similar, but there is when you buy from a butcher. There are many fantastic catering butchers out there including us! Burts is now one of the South coast’s leading catering butchers and believe this is testament to our original philosophy of providing the best quality produce and customer service which has always been at the heart of the business, right from the start.

Every product that comes out of our processing facility is guaranteed to come packed and cut exactly the same way every time, down to our bespoke customer specification sheets which we produce in-house.

You’ll get complete peace of mind that your meat is 100% safe as we use metal detection on all finished products. We record all batch numbers, pack and use by dates and traceability for all our customers, no matter what size of business they have.

Red Tractor, Eblex and BRC-accredited companies are the only companies we buy from, so we can guarantee that the produce you serve has been properly cared for and is of the highest possible quality, and of course will taste great too. It’s amazing, we can even track which farm it was bred – and in some cases, even the food they ate, thanks to our farm-to-fork traceability scheme.

These are some key things to look out for when finding the right high quality meat for your business. If the meat ain’t right you won’t be bringing in repeat customers, so why not give one of the South Coast’s leading catering butchers a call on 01424 730417. We deliver to customers in SussexKentSurrey and further afield by arrangement.

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