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Walking Dead Burger Idea!

Promoting The Walking Dead TV series, a Helsinki restaurant has reportedly been offering “human flesh” burgers. And not for the first time have recipes of this type of burger been promoted for this iconic TV Series. And with Halloween drawing closer we thought this would be a topical subject to talk about!

Apparently, London chef Tom Wolfe was promoting the burgers, free of charge, in time for the ninth season premiere, just for a limited time on 4 October.

To achieve the taste required, a proportion of veal must be used, and after research undertaken, some have been reported saying human flesh can have a taste of chicken or tuna…

Back in 2014 London Mess Restaurant promoted similar burgers, publicising an exact recipe for the burger patty. Containing 40% pork mince, 40% veal mince and 20% minced bone marrow.

An interesting concept for promotion of the show. And certainly many people would not want to try these burgers. We have certainly not heard of any of our local restaurants or pubs trying such unusual recipes! However, if you are unhappy with the quality of meat for your “human flesh” burgers, then please get in touch with Burts Catering Butchers. Whatever the recipe for your burger, at least, with us, you can be guaranteed top quality meat!

Please get in touch, if you are thinking of changing meat suppliers. Either by calling us on 01424 730417emailing us, or please just fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch.

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