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Using Oil to Marinate Meats!

If you are a restaurant owner looking to spice up your menus marinated meat is the answer – look no further!

Whether you are getting barbecue ready or preparing your Sunday Specials, we can suggest a marinade perfect for you. All of our meats at Burts are very versatile and can be perfectly marinated with various oils, chillies and spices. We know all of our customers will love them.

Nothing compares to the taste of well seasoned meat, it is simply the best. There are many kitchen staple ingredients that can provide you with next-level flavours to satisfy your taste buds…

Step One: The Essential Oils

Oils are considered the perfect base for every marinade. Selecting which oil to use is dependent on the flavour you desire. Here are some classics we would recommend:

Using Oil to Marinate meats

Olive Oil

Arguably, this is the classic way to your glaze meat; a perfect weapon to tenderise your cuts. Olive Oil can pull out fat soluble flavours, not only from the cut of meat, but also the marinade vegetables – such as shallots and garlic. Also, it is ensures additional seasoning has an even coating throughout.

Olive Oil is perfect for poultry, beef and pork.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is generally used on chicken to enhance a rich and nutty flavour. On it’s own, the flavour can be relatively bland, however if you combine with roasted peanuts the aroma is instantly enhanced along with providing a smooth golden colouring. In order to get a rich and nutty flavour when marinating, accompany with flavouring agents mentioned in Step Two.

Peanut Oil is ideal for sautéing and frying meats, such as steak, due to its high smoke points.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is essential for adding moisture to the meat. It is a solid oil, at room temperature and has a relatively neutral flavour on the meat. Most of the time it is used as a healthier alternative to more dense fatty oils. Being very versatile it can be used to marinate meats along with complementary spices.

Coconut Oil is typically used on roasting joints and but you can also use it on steak, pork chops, or even a simple chicken breast.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is a staple oil, that can be used in various ways. It has a mild, nutty flavour that is excellent as a neutral cooking oil for the barbecue. By containing heart-healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid in moderation, this oil can have positive effects on your health.

Sesame Oil is best suited to Beef – as will it brown and sear meat well.

Chilli Oil

Chilli Oil is a fiery take on a classic oil, submerging the meat in fabulous flavours. Even a small amount can upgrade your dish drastically. Brush the oil over your meat and refrigerate for a short amount of time. This will give the meat a kick, with a glossy finish. Keep it simple and spicy!

Chilli Oil is perfect for Chicken and Pork.

Infused Oil

These are often homemade oils that combine, chilli, herbs and spices. Infused oils can be incorporated into all types of meat – dependent on the selection of herbs and spices. Most of the time, they will be left once made – so that the full flavour will be fully absorbed. A tough meat will become tender just by adding your own marinade. They also make great decorations!

Infused Oils are ideal for all meats, depending on the flavours incorporated.

Keep an eye out for Step Two, where we share our favourite spices to pair with this vast selection of oils.

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