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Using Herbs and Spices to Marinate Meat!

Once you have followed and completed Step One, your meat should be well prepared for the the next step – herbs and spices!

Step Two: The (not so) Secret Herbs and Spices

Many herbs and spices – in fact, all of them, can be incorporated into any marinated meat dish. It is crucial to include these in order to season your meat well.

In this post we share some common and alternative household herbs and spices, that each add a unique flavour. There are many more left to discover. So it all depends on what flavours you like.

In this step, we will share with you the best meats to pair with some of our favourite herbs and spices..

herbs and spices


This spice can be perfectly paired with poultry. However, you can marinate any type of cut. It adds not only a pop of colour, but a sweet peppery flavour. You will find Paprika in the majority of pre-made barbecue seasonings. This spice can stand alone or be mixed with others. It not only adds flavour but contains Vitamin A and Antioxidants, both beneficial to the body.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds are a fantastic flavour enhancer.  The spice is highly aromatic – a bittersweet sharpness with a hint of citrus and pepper. Most of the time, Caraway is used in curry pastes. It will marinate dishes with its’ rich, nutty flavour. Use either the whole seed for an added crunch – or ground seeds to subtly slip in flavour. If you want to level up your spice game, combine these seeds into your meat dishes today.



Tarragon tastes just like anise, or liquorice. It is mostly used to marinate poultry. This is used to enhance flavours when roasting chicken. A good way to cook with tarragon is to place the leaves under the skin of a chicken before it is roasted. By doing this, you will permeate the flesh with flavour. As one of the most versatile spices, it can be used by whole leaf or even dried.


Cumin can come in seeds or powder form. This spice has a rich and nutty flavour, often being described as the savoury alternative for cinnamon! When cooking with this spice, be conservative with the amount used – it can often overpower the other flavours in a dish. Pair Cumin with Chilli flakes to create a mouth-watering dish! Add this to your beef dishes to add depth to your dish.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper adds a tingly chilli twang to meat. In the UK it often comes in a powder form – elsewhere in the world it can be found as a whole pepper. Use a little or a lot, dependent on how much spice and flavour you desire. Incorporated into a marinade, along with salt and pepper will ensure that your steak tastes special!

Coriander, Parsley and Thyme


All of these herbs can be grown in the garden. Each has a slightly different, yet mighty flavour.

Coriander is best suited to rich meats, such as beef and lamb. In order to make a successful marinade with these spices, incorporate Coriander with some of the oils mention in Step One.

Parsley can be used in every dish, making the ideal kitchen all-rounder. We suggest that you either add in this herb when making a homemade marinade, or use it as a garnish to subtly pop in for a clean peppery taste.

Thyme has a sharp, slight minty taste. It adds a layer of flavour without overpowering the dish. To make the perfect marinade with Thyme combine with garlic and slap it on our steaks!

Salt and Pepper to Season

Salt and Pepper are dining table staples, but are you using them to their full effects?

herbs and spices

It is often argued that salt is not a seasoning, but in fact a ‘flavour enhancer’. By adding a dash of salt to your meat, will draw out some of the moisture – which is then reabsorbed. Therefore, you are seasoning from the inside out.

Using pepper will also enhance the flavour. It adds a spice that is subtle, yet adds flavour to any dish. We recommend cooking our steaks with pepper because the fieriness of the peppercorns will melt into the meat as it cooks.

Keep an eye out for Step Three, where we will explain how to cook marinated meat.

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