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The Pros of Being a Pro in Your own Kitchen

Cooking a meal at home may sound like a chore to some but there are many advantages to getting your hands dirty and becoming a pro in your own kitchen.

It’s Good For You

Cooking your meals at home not only allows you to eat whatever you want but also allows you to control what goes into what you’re eating. Processed foods are some of the worst things we humans consume. We say this as we can all be partial to a cheeky takeaway!

The food you make at home will likely be lower in calories and higher in nutrients than anything else. Plus, you have full control over the portion sizes you choose to consume. Making it the best choice health wise.

Money Saver

Going out to eat is only going to get more and more expensive. It’s becoming impractical and way too costly for many people. Especially when you consider the current rising costs of living.

It will always work out cheaper when you buy all the ingredients yourself and create your own meals at home. This doesn’t mean you have to lose the ‘special’ feel of going out. Just light some candles, lay your table nicely, put on some fitting music and voila, you have the restaurant vibe.

It’s Fun!

Cooking a meal is a skill and like with all skills, it’s one that needs to be practised in order to master. Though, this doesn’t mean that if you’re a beginner you can’t have fun.

Find a nice, simple recipe you can follow to start with and work your way up to the more advanced recipes. This will not only give you a sense of achievement but also expand your pallet; showing you food you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Use different spices, herbs and accompaniments will give you flavours you may never have tried before!

Learning a new skill is also one of the more enjoyable things you can do. It’s even better when you get a delicious meal out of it at the end!

Mental Health

Cooking has been described as therapeutic by many, and it’s clear to see why, once you give it a go. The joy and sense of accomplishment you get from turning a pile of ingredients into a delicious meal is unmatched.

It’s even better when you decide to share your passion with a friend or family member. That great feeling you get when sharing food you’ve made with others is like no other. It can also be a great bonding activity if you choose to take on the cooking process together.

Know it’s not a Complete Science

Cooking isn’t a complete science! This means that it’s perfectly okay to skip an ingredient or swap one thing for another. It’ll usually taste just as amazing.

This takes away some of the perceived stress that you might have following the steps of a recipe.

Worries about Ingredients

Buying fresh is always going to be your best bet. Always look for fresh fruit and veg; shopping locally if you can. Fresh food will not only taste 100 times better but often contain more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Similarly to fruit and veg, any meat you buy should come from your local butchers. We talk about reason why in a blog you can read here.

We’ve made cooking meats at home as easy as possible by introducing a local delivery service to customers in certain areas of East Sussex to help provide fresh meat to the surrounding towns and villages around us. To view our home delivery click here.

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