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The Majority of British Men say ‘They Would Rather Die 10 Years Early Than Give up Meat’

According to a survey by OnePoll; two-thirds of British Men say they would rather die 10 years early than give up meat, as reported by the Mirror. Despite the campaign ‘No Meat May’ which encourages people to switch to plant-based meat alternatives for the month; it appears that men are sticking to eating good old meaty produce.

two-thirds of British Men say that they would rather die 10 years early than give up meat

The Health Benefits of Eating Meat

Meat such as bacon contains plenty of monounsaturated fats, and sausages are high in protein. Therefore tucking into a meaty breakfast once in a while does have its upsides. They are also great for a hangover!

Meats such as steak and other red meats also have plenty of iron. Eating Steak can also help to prevent anaemia, providing immune strength and other bodily benefits.

Chicken and turkey contain loads of protein yet are lower in fat, so are ideal if you are hitting the gym and need the energy.

Whilst plant-based alternatives are portrayed to be the healthier option, it has been shown that meat-free burgers surprisingly contain high levels of salt.

Not Ready to Give up Meat?

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