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The Importance of Buying British Meat

There are constant reminders and campaigns from different industries attempting to get consumers to buy from local, British businesses. The British meat industry is no exception.

All of these campaigns are trying to encourage people to avoid buying meat that has travelled hundreds of miles to reach your plate.

There are many reasonable arguments for making sure you buy meat from British Farmers. Not only does the UK have the highest standard of sustainable food production, but buying local also means that local economies can maintain a steady income.

Why buying local has never been more important

The argument for buying British meat has never been stronger than during the midst of the global pandemic that’s around us at the moment. Over the last few weeks, food supply industries have had to deal with spectacular fluctuations in demand for meat produce.

According to Farming UK, Coronavirus has had a direct impact on local economies across the UK. Consumers are turning to local, family-run meat suppliers for their meat produce.

Farmers across the country have reported a dramatic increase in the sales of meat to local communities. Despite a shortage of workers in the industry, they are still maintaining high-standards of meat production during this crisis.

British Meat

Burts Catering Butchers are also pleased to doing our part by introducing a local delivery service to customers in certain areas of East Sussex to help provide meat to the surrounding towns and villages around us.

Red Tractor – How you can continue to buy British

Once the global pandemic is over, remember that it was most likely British farmers who provided meat to your household. Also, it will have been some of the highest quality meat from across the UK. It therefore certainly makes sense to ensure that you support our farmers when the pandemic is over.

British Meat

In order to do this in your supermarket, look out for the ‘Red Tractor‘ sticker. This means that it has been produced by UK farmers to high-quality standards from farm to fork. If the meat you buy has this sticker, then you’ll know it’s not travelled far to get to your plate.

If you live in the South East and want to get high-quality British Meat delivered to your door; you can use our contact-free delivery service.

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