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The Countdown Is On…

Well this is the time many local businesses have been waiting for. And the 12th April can not come soon enough! According to Mr Johnson, Prime Minister, pubs can open on 12 April for outdoor seating only. So many of the pubs and restaurants we supply to across the south east of England have been extremely busy on the run up to this important date.

Some have been lucky enough that they already have an outdoor eating area. The only issue with this is that many are completely out in the open, with no covering for inclement weather. So businesses have had to consider this and prepare for cooler or showery weather and accommodate this into their plans and to ensure they can safely open.

The most important thing is that they can be open next Monday to as many customers as possible, in a safe manner. To try and regain some of what was lost from having been closed for many months previously.

So shelters have been built, gazebos have gone up, patio heaters have been installed and maybe even marquees have been erected. Some pubs have even built outside seating areas, where previously there were none. All so that customers can feel safe enough to book a table to eat at their pub or restaurant.

How we have helped

So how have Burts Catering Butchers been able to help? Well we supply fresh meat to many of these venues!

As a catering butcher in the South-East; we provide great tasting meat to restaurants, pubs and cafes all over KentSussex, and Surrey. So over the last few weeks we have been extremely busy; taking orders and delivering our wonderful joints and cuts of meat, in time for many restaurants and pubs to open their doors next week. It has been such a busy time for us and we are really hoping it will continue to pick up pace, which everywhere open for business in the next couple of months.

To summarise:

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