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Could Britain have the Highest Standard of Sustainable Meat Production?

As we enter the transition period of leaving the European Union, there have been fresh calls to make sure that our food standards in farming and meat production are protected once we’re out of the EU.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also vowed to ‘Look after the farming sector‘ and when it comes to trading agreements made with the EU. But there are concerns about how the farming industry will be regulated post-Brexit

But by the end of the year, Britain will be free from EU regulations on farming. Farming groups and unions have reacted to this, and argue that Britain has the opportunity to become the ‘envy of the world‘. It seems to be clear that we could become a county providing the highest standards of sustainable food production.

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According to Countryside Online, British beef is already produced to some of the highest welfare and sustainable standards in the world. British Farmers already aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Plenty of people around the country attempted to switch to a vegan diet to reduce their own carbon footprint during the month of January (dubbed ‘Veganuary’). But there’s still an argument to eating locally produced meat which could still be sustainable for emissions.

Last September, the National Farmers Union outlined it’s goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions of agriculture by 2040. This suggests that the UK Farming industry’s commitment to a sustainable industry could result in Britain being a leader in the industry across the world.

Further commitments to improve animal welfare is said to improve the quality of British produce, as well as help tackle emissions.

As a leading Catering Butcher in the South East, we’re keen to make sure that we’re sourcing the best quality meat for our customers. With these promising commitments to higher quality and reduced emissions, Britain could be industry leaders in the world when it comes to meat production and farming.

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