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Shop Local This Christmas

People are really starting to come around to the idea of shopping in their local stores. There are even TV ads around this year promoting customers to shop local this Christmas. And farmers especially are urging the public to buy locally and to avoid handing their hard earned money over to large chains.

Over the festive period, consumers will eat far more than at any time of the year. And what many don’t realise is the processes that supermarkets will put their meat through, before it hits the shelves. Whereas many still think that local butchers are expensive – there are always great deals to be had, the meat is far better quality and it has so much more flavour.

And with thoughts on the Christmas dinner and all the extra food that surrounds Christmas time, British agriculture will be playing a far greater part than just meat – trees, plants, beer etc.

FUW President, Glyn Roberts said: “Speak to your local butcher about meat for the Christmas period and see what your local farm shop has to offer – I promise you will find many of the ingredients you need for your Christmas dinner right on your doorstep. A pound spent locally will go much further than a pound spent in a chain store and it keeps our rural economies going. By supporting our local businesses we don’t help a CEO buy a third holiday home but we help a local mum and dad put food on the table, a family pay their mortgage, a little girl get those dance lessons and a little boy get his favourite team shirt.”

So whether you choose the classic turkey this Christmas, a joint of beef or leg of lamb, chat with your local butcher, before you go into the supermarket. We promise you won’t be disappointed. As well as being a catering butcher for the south east of England, Burts have our own family run butchers, so know exactly what we are talking about!

Are we going to be seeing the hashtag #BuyMyTurkey yet again this Christmas? Do as much as you can to shop local this Christmas.

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