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SALSA Food Certified Catering Butcher

Recently, we’ve been approved for SALSA Food. We are operating as a SALSA Food Certified Catering Butcher, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Who are SALSA?

When you hear the word salsa, your brain likely goes to the delicious world-renowned Mexican sauce. However, SALSA Foods is a robust and effective food safety certification scheme that operates for smaller producers and suppliers.

SALSA approval is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate, to an auditor, that they are able to produce and supply safe, legal food. As well as continually meeting all the requirements of the SALSA Standard in future operation.

SALSA food

They prioritise food safety above all. The SALSA scheme exists to encourage small businesses to implement practices and controls, that produce food which is continually safe.

Here at Burts Catering Butchers, the safety and quality of our meat are never in question. We only offer the highest quality of produce for our customers. Safety is paramount, so we are proud to display this certification

This certification is not the first of its kind that we have received; check out the bottom of this page to see what we’re talking about. Despite this, it will look excellent alongside our many other food safety and traceability approvals.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and we believe it shows our commitment to food quality and hygiene for all our customers.

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