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Red Tractor Ad Campaign

The Red Tractor Ad campaign which ran at the end of 2018 has proved a real success. With research of 2,000 shoppers, the campaign was carried out by YouGov, running from September to November 2018.

It found that an extra 1.4 million shoppers would choose the food that carries the Red Tractor label.

Based on the number of UK households being 27.5 million, approximately 41% of these would choose Red Tractor products first, which is up by 5% from the start of the campaign.

Red Tractor’s £1.5M ad campaign has increased recognition in the Red Tractor label, from 32% to 62%, with many more shoppers now associating the label as “traceable food from farms”.

Red Tractor CEO Jim Moseley has welcomed these results as fantastic, enhancing the reputation of the logo. But he insists that farms must remain always 100% compliant, for this to be sustainable. “This is just the start and we will continue to enhance the reputation of our world-leading assurance scheme” he says. “We need our members to maintain Red Tractor’s standards every day of the week to show consumers that we have something robust they can trust and buy into”.

“This campaign is a building block as we bid to become the flagship for British food and farming. Increasing confidence in Red Tractor is vital, particularly as we approach Brexit”.

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