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One Tarantula Or Two Sir?

A burger bar and brewery are reportedly serving up a fried tarantula with some burgers for “Exotic meat month” The Bull City Burger and Brewery in North Carolina are offering a beefburger, topped with gruyere cheese, spicy chilli sauce and an oven roasted tarantula on top!

If you want to the try this exotic burger, then you have to start by being over in the USA; then you have to enter a raffle to win the opportunity to try this “delicacy”. And anyone who finishes the burger will win a T-shirt…

According to Business Insider UK, In the past, the restaurant has served their guests elk, crickets, and chocolate-covered bugs. Three years ago, the Bull City Burger and Brewery started serving the tarantula burger. For those with an adventurous palate and a steel-coated stomach, you can enter a raffle to “win” the “opportunity” to eat the tarantula burger. The “lucky” eater selected gets not only the tarantula burger but a side of dirty fries for $30.

If your name gets chosen, you then have 48 hours to come in for your eight legged burger.

Not much call in the UK for these sorts of challenges, but you never know! If, however, your meat supplier is leaving you a little nauseous as well, then why not give Burts Catering Butchers a try. Based in the South East of England, if you’re interested in changing suppliers, then be sure to give us a call on 01424 730417. We deliver wholesale meat and other produce to customers in SussexKentSurrey and further afield by arrangement.

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