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20 August 2021

Tips on Deboning a Chicken

As leading catering butchers in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey – we know a thing or two about meat preparation. All of our… Read More
12 August 2021

Cooking Marinated Meats

It is suggested that after you have marinated meat for a length of time - you should wash it off prior to cooking. However, this is dependent on what oils and spices you use, often it is down to personal preference. There are many recipes online to use - or even invent your own! Read More
27 July 2021

Using Herbs and Spices to Marinate Meat!

Many herbs and spices - in fact all of them, can be incorporated into any marinated meat dish. It is crucial to include herbs and spices when seasoning your meat well. Here are some common and alternative household herbs and spices, that add a unique flavour! Read More
15 July 2021

Using Oil to Marinate Meats!

Level up your menus with marinated meats. Unleash your creative side and taste the benefits! Read More
07 July 2021

Is Red Meat Back In?

Over the past year red meat sales have risen by 12.6%. This increase in sales means that meat produce is flying off the shelf! Read More
10 June 2021

Grab your Grills, Summer is Here!

Whilst the sun is shining, there is no way better to beat the heat then getting our meat on the barbecue this summer. Read More
20 May 2021

All About our Premises at Burts Catering Butchers

Ever since Burts was founded in 1981, we have been striving towards high-quality service and improving our production techniques to deliver the very best service… Read More
12 May 2021

The Majority of British Men say ‘They Would Rather Die 10 Years Early Than Give up Meat’

According to a survey by OnePoll; two-thirds of British Men say they would rather die 10 years early than give up meat, as reported by… Read More
23 April 2021

Why do Butchers Wear White?

In our profession and in fact many other culinary professions, you may have noticed that all staff members wear white. From chefs to fishmongers and… Read More
08 April 2021

The Countdown Is On…

Well this is the time many local businesses have been waiting for. And the 12th April can not come soon enough! According to Mr Johnson,… Read More

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