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21 September 2022

Why Meat Traceability is Important

Meat traceability is a complex arrangement that’s becoming increasingly popular among consumers and many fresh produce retailers. Let’s go in-depth on meat traceability and why… Read More
02 September 2022

Why Grass Fed Lamb is Better

Here at Burts Catering Butchers, all our grass fed Lamb is 100% British, reared outdoors, and truly delicious. Let’s get into the many benefits… Read More
11 August 2022

Why do Butchers Hang Meat?

Hanging meat is a crucial stage of the Burts Catering Butcher’s process, and should be for any quality butcher for that matter! So, let’s… Read More
19 July 2022

SALSA Food Certified Catering Butcher

Recently, we’ve been approved for SALSA Food. We are operating as a SALSA Food… Read More
11 July 2022

Smoking Meat. Everything you need to know

If you’re looking to take your meat game to the next level then smoking meat is the way to go. Whether you’ve just purchased a… Read More
24 June 2022

Where to Order Meat Online

The demand for ordering and delivering meat online is becoming ever more popular. Is that a surprise? People are more health-conscious than ever and want… Read More
07 June 2022

Butchers Meat Delivered to Your Door

Here at Burts Catering Butchers, we take great pride in our ability to look after our customers. Our home delivery service is an excellent example… Read More
18 May 2022

National BBQ Day 2022

Happy National BBQ Day! Yes, you did read that right, everyone’s favourite summer activity has a National Day of celebration in its honour!… Read More
05 May 2022

The Pros of Being a Pro in Your own Kitchen

Cooking a meal at home may sound like a chore to some but there are many advantages to getting your hands dirty and becoming a… Read More
11 April 2022

The Evolution of Butchers

Humans have been eating meat much before the beginning of historical records. The evolution of butchers have been one of the most necessary cogs in… Read More

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