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09 December 2021

Stuffing Recipes for Turkey

Yes, we can’t believe it either; it’s that time of year again. With Christmas almost two weeks away it’s time to start preparing, to make… Read More
30 November 2021

New Romanian ‘CARNEXPO’ Turns out a Huge Success

First hosted in 2020, the CARNEXPO Grill has quickly become an important event for the Romanian meat industry. So much so that the third annual… Read More
08 November 2021

How to Eat Meat More Sustainably

We all want to help the planet by eating a more sustainable diet. However, for us meat eaters out there it just seems like something… Read More
29 October 2021

We Eat Balanced Campaign

The We Eat Balanced Campaign all about promoting a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet, where all foods have a role to play. Read More
14 October 2021

Post-Brexit Scheme aims to Encourage Shoppers to Support British Farmers

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has… Read More
02 September 2021

Beef Stir-Fry Recipes

Stir-fries are a popular staple meal for many households around the country. If you haven’t got much time to knock up a meal for dinner;… Read More
20 August 2021

Tips on Deboning a Chicken

As leading catering butchers in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey – we know a thing or two about meat preparation. All of our… Read More
12 August 2021

Cooking Marinated Meats

It is suggested that after you have marinated meat for a length of time - you should wash it off prior to cooking. However, this is dependent on what oils and spices you use, often it is down to personal preference. There are many recipes online to use - or even invent your own! Read More
27 July 2021

Using Herbs and Spices to Marinate Meat!

Many herbs and spices - in fact all of them, can be incorporated into any marinated meat dish. It is crucial to include herbs and spices when seasoning your meat well. Here are some common and alternative household herbs and spices, that add a unique flavour! Read More
15 July 2021

Using Oil to Marinate Meats!

Level up your menus with marinated meats. Unleash your creative side and taste the benefits! Read More

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