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New Romanian ‘CARNEXPO’ Turns out a Huge Success

First hosted in 2020, the CARNEXPO Grill has quickly become an important event for the Romanian meat industry. So much so that the third annual event in 2022 has already been announced.

The CARNEXPO Grill is an event drawing in thousands of visitors in the previous two years. With 8 different areas for meat, tech, business, and retail, all centred around meat and grilling.

Due to the success of the previous few years, the 2022 event is set to be much more glamorous and is set to be held on the beach along the coast of the black sea.

The British Meat Expos in 2022

Back over here in the UK, there are already a whole manner of EXPOs to help you delve into everything around the UK Meat Industry.

A lot of these have already been lined up for 2022, and although they might not be in glamorous locations like a warm sunny beach; they will still be rich with information, tips, and talks from leaders in the UK Meat Industry.

British Beef Expo 2022

British Meat Expos in 2022

The British Beef Expo held at Darlington Auction Farmers Market helps to bring together the best of British Beef. From the cattle, to the equipment and the latest ground-breaking developments.

The British Beef Expo will be held on the 28th May, and tickets are available now online.

British Pig & Poultry Fair

British Meat Expos in 2022

The Pig & Poultry Fair, as it’s name suggests is an exhibition focussing on everything to do with Pigs and Poultry. The website itself has an extensive amount of information and forums on everything in the Pig and Poultry Business.

The next Pig & Poultry fair will be held on 12th May 2021.

UK Sausage Week

British Meat Expos in 2022

The UK Sausage Week has been a staple of the Sausage industry for many years now. Since 2017 the UK Sausage Week held towards the end of the year aims to celebrate everything about the British Sausage, there’s also a competition for the best Sausage Butchers in the UK.

The event has been cancelled for the last two years due to Coronavirus; but it’s safe to say that the event in 2022 will come back with a bang(er)!

Burts Catering Butchers Staying Up-To-Date with the Latest Meat Industry Developments

As one of the leading catering butchers in the South East, Burts Catering Butchers likes to keep a close eye on the latest developments in the industry at British Meat Expos in 2022. Ever since 1981 we have strived to give our customers the best possible service, and provide you with the highest quality meat we can.

If you’d like to find out more about our processes; please take a look at the pages on our website that detail all of our processes that help to keep your produce in the very best condition.

And if you would like to enquire about using Burts for all your meat produce for your restaurant or pub; please call us on 01424 730417 or email

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