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National Butchers Week 12 – 18th March

Burts Catering Butchers are looking forward to hearing all about the events that are being run for National Butchers Week, which runs 12-18th March.

It is always a fun week and a great one for every butchers calendar. It’s an ideal opportunity for butchers to show what makes them head and shoulders above the rest! Some high street butchers will host events, some will develop new recipes for their meat, but many will use it as a time to remind their customers of the high quality meat they supply.

So what is your way of promoting yourselves for National Butchers Week?

National Butchers Week is sponsored by Henry Winning and Co and Tulip.

If you want to get involved, there is lots of useful information on the Meat Trades Journal Website. Or you can follow National Butchers Week on Facebook or Twitter.

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