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Midweek Diced Meat Dinner Ideas

Well the cold and miserable weather has definitely kicked in. Those long summer days are well and truly behind us, with the clocks soon to go back and the curtains will be drawn so much earlier.

Appetites normally increase, due to the cold weather and so all those hungry stomachs need filling to stop the “munchies”!!

Mid week meals need to be quick, efficient and budget friendly. So how about some ideas for using hearty diced meat? Diced meat will save you time and always provide a filling and healthy supper for you and the family.

Diced chicken in a curry

Whether it is in a jar or homemade from scratch, diced chicken in a curry sauce, with rice is a great way to fill up the family. A flavoursome curry is actually easy to make if you have all the relevant spices you need, and along with whichever flavour rice you prefer, it will be a great and easy dinner. A tomato based curry will also be easier on the waistline, rather than a creamy korma. Cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, cardamon, plus whatever else goes into your recipe smells fabulous when cooking and tastes just as good! And you can always add some vegetables in as well – mange tout, babycorn or French beans make great additions.

Diced beef in a casserole

Another favourite is a beef stew or casserole. You can choose the red wine or ale option, with flour to thicken. Then just add whichever vegetables you prefer. Pop in some salt and pepper and there you go! A rick and hearty casserole, guaranteed to please the whole family. Or you could omit the alcohol and just use a water or tomato based gravy. Both are equally wonderful and we could go on all day about the different options…but that is for another blog post! Add in mashed potato, carrots and possibly even a Yorkshire pudding and you are onto a real midweek winner.

Diced pork with apple

Diced pork goes exceptionally well with apple. This can be added into a stew with a stock based gravy. Using white onions, bay leaves and a dash of wholegrain mustard, adding sliced apples into your sauce to simmer and soften will create a sweet flavoured gravy with a little bit of crunch. Another really lovely and easy choice for a midweek meal.

Diced sausage with pasta

This is definitely one for the kids! Cook your sausages first, then slice them up (or even leave them whole) and add to a tomato based sauce. Using whatever cooked vegetables you like. Mix in with pasta and hey presto – a really quick and healthy meal that everyone loves. And you can cook the sausages beforehand, which saves time when the kids are clammering for their dinner!

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