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Making the Most out of your Christmas Turkey

Every Christmas, one struggle we seem to have is left over turkey. This blog will help give some ideas to what can be done with this delicious meat and how to make sure that every bit of the Christmas turkey is used and not wasted.

Christmas Turkey

You may already have a tradition of what to do with the leftover Turkey from Christmas day. But with so much to go round; you might need some more inspiration on how to create a variety of meals that will keep you going right into the New Year! That’s why we thought we’d provide you with a few ideas on how to use up the rest of the Christmas turkey.

Turkey Sandwiches

A very popular and easy option for a boxing day meal is Turkey Sandwiches. Adding a bit of lettuce or tomatoes to the sandwich makes a really tasty sandwich. If you have any leftover cranberry sauce from the day before, you can also use this in the sandwich, and really give it a Christmassy flavour. The dark meat as well as white meat add an extra depth to the sandwich as well!

Turkey Curry

Another well-known recipe for the leftover cuts of Turkey after Christmas is a winter-warming Turkey Curry. If you’re not a fan of spicy foods you don’t have to go all out using the hottest spices. Even if you’re not experienced in making a curry from scratch; you can easily find curry paste from your local supermarket that does all the work for you. It is also something really different from the traditional English “Christmas dinner”

Turkey & Ham Pie

If you’re a fan of pies – this one’s definitely for you. A turkey and ham pie combines both of the leftover meats you might have after Christmas day into a delicious shortcrust pastry.

There’s a great recipe on BBC Good Food which will help you cook a turkey & ham pie. It would go perfectly with some leftover cranberry sauce.

Bubble & Squeak

Of course, we can’t do a blog post about leftover Christmas food without talking about Bubble & Squeak. For many people, this trumps even the Christmas dinner meal as one of the highlights of the festive season.

Simply combine all of the Christmas dinner food into one pan, lots of seasoning and a drop of hot oil. Fry it in the pan, making a nice crisp crust and serve it alongside your cold cuts of Turkey or Ham. There are some recipes you might find online that help make it even tastier. Sprouts are an excellent addition to bubble and squeak (if you like them of course!)

Got your Turkey for Christmas?

If you’ve not ordered your Turkey for Christmas dinner this year, Burt’s can help. This year, we’re offering a Christmas food delivery service. We can deliver a wide range of sizes of turkey, as well as pigs in blankets, sausage meat and gammon right to your door. As well as some lovely cuts of beef if you want to celebrate in style on any other days.

All of this high-quality meat will help make your Christmas dinner the best it’s ever been. Our home delivery service is available to people living in Eastbourne, Bexhill, Cooden, Battle, Hastings, Polegate, Hailsham, and all the smaller villages in between.

If you’d like to order your Turkey for Christmas, head over to our order form to place your order. If you have any questions about our Christmas Delivery Service, please get in touch.

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