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Making the most of your left overs

With food wastage reaching almost four millions tonnes a year, Quality Meat Scotland is encouraging people to get even more out of their roast with some tasty leftover ideas.

Government research found that people could save more than £400 a year if they better utilised the food they bought, and buying high quality meat means that there will be high quality leftovers to use.

With the forecast possibly ruling out a barbecue this weekend for many, QMS has developed three recipes to make tasty, healthy meals from the leftovers from your weekend roast Beef, Lamb and Pork.

The recipes, are good for not only using leftover meat, but are great for utilising those ‘used once’ spices and condiments that clog up cupboards and fridge.

The recipes include spicy shredded pork shoulder in a baked jacket potato burger, beef & mango curry with a yoghurt salad, the exciting and healthy lamb picadillo with corn kernels & boiled quinoa. They were created by celebrity chef Colin Capon and can be found here.

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