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Lockdown Red Meat Campaign Hailed a Success

The end of March this year saw the whole country go into a national lockdown to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. This saw a significant increase in people panic buying to make sure they had enough food.

The disruption in meat sales started by seeing people buying cheaper meat alternatives during the lockdown. This meant that fewer people were being adventurous with their meat choices. This, coupled with restaurants and other food retail industries being closed meant there was a surplus of red meat such as lamb and beef.

In order to combat this, the UK’s three levy boards introduced a £1.2 million campaign. The aim being to help raise awareness for the high quality British red meat that was available.

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Farming UK now reports the digital campaign as a success. Sales of beef are up 40% above the sales from the previous year. The campaign, which was mainly focused on radio, press and online adverts generated plenty of traffic and interest to red meat recipe inspiration and other such content. Perhaps, with people having more time to cook and try out new recipes was actually a plus for the food market.

The success of this campaign has meant the levy boards will be launching another campaign to focus solely on lamb.

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