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Keep Britain Farming This Easter

More and more we are seeing advertised that by buying locally, it will help local families, rather than large corporations. And of course this is true. However, many people go online for ease. Picking one of the major retailers to place online orders; easy, quick and can be delivered to your door. It’s also tempting to pop up to the local supermarket to pick up bits and pieces, often late in the evening. If you want to keep Britain farming, then you need to take important steps to achieve this.

Buy Local

Buying locally gives you time. Time to get to get to know your local retailers. The time to chat with them – they are the experts and will know exactly where their products are coming from…whether it is the local butcher, bakery, fruit and veg shop. And time to look at what you are buying, ensuring you can choose the right amount, colour and quality of food you want.

Keep Britain Farming

And yes! Buying local will put money into a “family’s” pocket, rather than a large conglomerate.

If you plan things a little better then you will save time as well as money. This Easter, make the switch to support local farms and family businesses. Whether it’s by buying chocolate eggs at your local farm shop or vegetables from a nearby market, there are great ways we can all “Keep Britain Farming” this Easter.

Easter time

Much of the food consumed at Easter includes roast lamb, duck, salmon and often chicken. Choosing to pick these up from local farm shops or butchers is a great way to support family-run businesses, as well as backing meats that have been raised ethically.

Roast lamb is hugely popular for Easter Sunday, but lamb is typically ‘out of season’ at this time of year and so the majority of lamb meat found in supermarkets is sourced from outside of the UK. Choosing to only buy British will also help to keep Britain farming.

Burts Catering Butchers are a family run butchers. Supplying quality meat to businesses large and small, across the south east of England, including Sussex, Kent and Surrey. We also have a shop, so completely understand the problems facing local high street and farm shops. As we say, you definitely get what you pay for. Supermarkets offer mass produced foods. Buying from a local business gives you something really special.

Keep Britain Farming

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