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Is Red Meat Back In?

red meat

Over the past year red meat sales have risen by 12.6%. Meat products are flying off the shelf!

The most popular was pork, with almost 75% of the population buying all types of cuts from the supermarkets or butchers. This was then followed by lamb – about 54% of people have purchased lamb in the last 12 months. 

Are there health benefits to eating red meat?

Vitamin B-12

Red meat really does have many health benefits, such as supplying the body with vitamin B-12. This is crucial as it helps produce DNA, keeping blood cells healthy.


Red meat provides protein – an essential part of a balanced diet – that is then used for growth and repair of the body. Beef is one of the most nutrient rich foods supplying the body with iron allowing it to produce red blood cells and therefore the oxygen supply.


Many studies show that by consuming red meat – especially beef, increases the body intake of iron. It is needed in order to produce red blood cells, that carry oxygen about the body.

Increases Metabolism

This is because the body will use more energy to digest the meat. The recommended consumption is three times a week as a maximum.

The Negatives

Eating red meat in different forms does come with some negatives. Processed meats are often high in nitrates and sodium – and you really do not know which meat you are actually eating.

Sometimes in supermarkets meat is processed in order to preserve it – this can’t be helped and it’s perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with supermarket-bought meat.

However, many health experts will suggest that buying from a local farm shop or butchers is better for your health because it is often fresh and farmed for the sole purpose of selling to local people. The difference in price can often determine the difference in quality – it depends on what is being purchased. 

Nevertheless, a burger or a piece of ribeye is still great as a treat. The body also requires foods that are somewhat unhealthy – in order to balance your diet. If you do eat these types of meat that is fine – as long as in moderation.

Our meats are only the best…

At Burts Catering Butchers we pride ourselves in knowing all of our produce is fresh. We only employ highly-trained butchers so that our customers can rest assured knowing all meat is handled and processed properly. 

None of our meat is processed – we are all about the benefits.

We offer a selection of red meats all available to order on our website and deliver to the local area domestically – further afield for commercial delivery. 

If your restaurant is looking for someone to supply fresh sizzling steaks get in touch with us today!

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