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Is Having Meat for Breakfast Healthy?

Considered as one of the iconic British meals; the full English breakfast is an array of splendid meats and fried foods, filling the plate with greasy goodness.

But having a plate of bacon, sausage, black pudding, beans, eggs, hash browns and toast every morning does sound a bit too much to be having every day. That’s why a lot of us savour the full English breakfast for weekends or special occasions. For day-to-day breakfasts, we tend to avoid Full English breakfasts for lighter options such as cereal or fruit.

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You might think that it’s mainly the meat in your Full English Breakfast that makes it so unhealthy. That’s probably why you wouldn’t really consider tucking into a Bacon or Sausages for breakfast on a regular basis.

But in fact, there are a number of health benefits that might be helped by eating a bit of meat to start the day.

Why eating Bacon for Breakfast is Good for You

Traditional bacon made from pork, and usually contains around 50% of monounsaturated fat, particularly something called oleic acid. Although fats are generally considered bad for you, oleic acid is actually praised as being ‘heart-healthy‘.

The bad fats in bacon (also known as saturated fats) were originally said to increase cholesterol levels in your blood, which isn’t good. But as long as eaten in moderation, it could be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Bacon is also considered to be a ‘Natural Mood Enhancer’, meaning that if you have some for breakfast, it should make you feel good for the rest of the day.

So if you were to have a bacon sandwich a few times a week, it actually wouldn’t be too harmful to your health!

The Health Benefits of Sausages

Sausages, as well as bacon, are high in protein. This means they both give you good amounts of energy for your muscles. There are so many different types of sausages; as we explain in a previous blog post. So it also depends on what kind of sausages you have for breakfast. If you’re particularly conscious about making a healthy full English breakfast; the best meat sausage to go for would be Turkey or Chicken Sausages.

And buying butchers sausages guarantees a much higher meat content, rather than all the grains and extra fillings that some sausages are stuffed with.

It’s not just the meats in a full English that are good for you. According to a news article, tomatoes, beans and a cup of tea would also be packed full of health benefits, and are perfect for starting your day.

So next time you fancy a bacon or sausage sandwich for breakfast, just remember they aren’t as unhealthy as you think!

And don’t forget, having a cooked breakfast with a hangover is also a great idea…

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