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How to Make the Perfect Pork Crackling

If you’re preparing Sunday lunch with roast pork, we’re sure your family and friends are eager to try some crispy crackling. If you’re seeking tips on how to make the perfect pork crackling, you’re in the right place!

How to Make the Perfect Pork Crackling


Pork crackling originates from the pork joint’s skin, with a rich flavour often enhanced by seasoning like salt or preferred flavourings. Ideally, crackling has a crispy texture, cracking as you bite into it, hence its fitting name.

Before cooking, brush the joint’s skin with oil to ensure it becomes hot and crisps up effectively. To release the fat during cooking, score the pork joint’s skin, ensuring not to cut too deeply, as it will compromise the crispiness of the crackling. Each cut should be approximately 5mm apart and deep enough to penetrate the rind without reaching the meat layer. After applying oil and salt, gently pat the joint dry with a kitchen towel to prevent the skin from becoming too soft.

To achieve perfect pork crackling, maintain an uncovered cooking process. Begin by cooking at a high temperature, approximately 230°C, for the initial 10 minutes, then lower the heat to around 180°C for the remaining cooking duration. You can always add another 10 minutes of cooking if it’s not as crispy as you’d like, just don’t overcook the meat!

How to Make the Perfect Pork Crackling

Where’s The Best Place To Get Delicious Pork?

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