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How to Eat Meat More Sustainably

We all want to help the planet by eating a more sustainable diet. However, for us meat eaters out there it just seems like something you can’t give up. Believe it or not but there is a way to enjoy meat in your diet whilst still eating sustainably.

Making a conscious effort to eat sustainably helps both people and the planet, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to start. Of course, eating with a more environmentally oriented mind doesn’t mean that you have to eat exclusively vegan; there are ways to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How to Eat Meat More Sustainably

Where Your Food is Coming From

One way to have a more sustainable diet is to take a look at where your food is coming from. If you buy your meat from a supermarket it’s likely that the meat has traveled a fair distance and is then thrown onto a shelf or in the freezer until someone purchases the product, or it goes past its sell-by date. This is harmful in many ways, especially when you compare it to the standards of a quality butcher, like us.

We buy all our produce from Red Tractor, Eblex and BRC accredited companies. Meaning we can guarantee our customers that the products they serve have been properly cared for and are of the highest possible quality money can buy. The meat from a butchers is typically prepared either in front of you or the morning before; making it extremely fresh, whilst also limiting waste. This is a win-win for the environment as well as you!

With our farm-to-fork traceability scheme, products can be traced right back to the farm where the animal was bred – and in some cases, even down to the food they ate. This ensures that our products are raised right!

How to Eat Meat More Sustainably

Quality Over Quantity

The golden rule with eating meat sustainably is to eat less meat but of better quality. Which is a trade we are all for if it allows us to eat meat sustainably! You might think that this means more expensive, but if you take into account the overall reduction in the amount you eat; then the number on the bottom of your weekly shopping bill shouldn’t change by much. Even if the price is slightly more, which butchers meat often is, the environmental and health benefits are worth every penny.

Burts Catering Butchers handling eat meat sustainably from Red Tractor, Eblex and BRC accredited companies

Decreasing Your Meat Consumption

There are also methods to decrease the amount of meat you eat. For example, Meatless Monday is an international movement to encourage meat-eaters to reduce their intake; by consuming zero meat once a week. Another option is only eating meat for one meal a day such a lunch or dinner. If enough people were to partake, this small change would have a huge effect on the emissions caused by the meat production industry, as well as lessening its effects of global warming.

Looking for High-Quality Meat Produce?

We have made it easy for you to purchase meat that you know is not mass-produced or treated poorly. And if you are close by, we will even deliver it to your door! If you are interested in having butchers meat, delivered right to your door by a high-quality butchers then click here.  

If you’re wanting to purchase meat that isn’t mass-produced and instead has been raised and reared humanely; then take a look at our extensive range of meats available for delivery here. Or if you’d like to talk to us about an order, to discuss your needs, or just to ask us a question; please call 01424 730417 or fill out an enquiry form here.

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