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How Sausage Rolls are Made

Sausage rolls are actually very easy (and tasty!) to make. So if you’re a restaurant or caterer looking at perfecting your Sausage Roll Recipe, or just at home looking to make a delicious snack for yourself; here’s how Sausage Rolls are made.

How Sausage Rolls Are Made

Thought to have originated in 19th Century France; the sausage roll is a bite-size snack enjoyed by thousands of people each day. What’s not to love about a delicious piece of sausage meat covered with some flaky puff pastry?

How Sausage Rolls are Made

Choosing the Right Meat

You can get Sausage Meat from Burt’s Catering Butchers, either as a caterer, or using our Home Delivery Form. You might want to order the sausages just so that if you don’t use all of the sausage meat, you can still cook some delicious sausages to go alongside them.

All of our sausages are hand made using traditional methods and recipes. And we also use fresh flavourings where possible. But there’s nothing to stop you from adding your own flavourings as well; adding a bit of parsley, oregano, or even caramelised onion would add a bit of unique flavour to your sausage rolls.

Making the Puff Pastry

Nowadays you can pop into your local supermarket and buy a ready-rolled puff pastry sheet. This makes it incredibly easy to get your homemade sausage rolls in the oven.

But if you’re wanting to make your own puff pastry, it only takes around 15 minutes to get the ingredients mixed together and rolled out flat to take your sausage meat.

Adding an Egg Glaze

Once you’ve rolled your pastry flat, added the sausage meat, and rolled the pastry around the meat. You’ll then want to cover the outside with a beaten egg. This will help secure the roll in place, as well as give the rolls a lovely shiny coat to them when they come out of the oven.

The best thing about making your own sausage rolls is that you can decide how much meat goes in, how much pastry is wrapped around, and also how big they are.

Looking for Premium Sausage Meat for Sausage Rolls?

If you’re looking for premium quality sausage meat for your sausage rolls; look no further than Burts Catering Butchers. If you’re a restaurant or pub owner, as a leading catering butcher in the South-East; we can provide your business with our great tasting produce. If you’re in Sussex, Kent, or Surrey we can provide high-quality meat to your business. Call us on 01424 730417 or email

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