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How did you eat your pancakes?

With Shrove Tuesday happening yesterday, it was all about the pancake on social media. So how did you eat yours? Lemon and sugar? Other sweet fillings or did you go for something savoury?

At Burts Butchers we really like traditional, with lemon and sugar. Weirdly the Americans like to paste their pancakes with butter as well, but don’t knock it until you have tried it! So were there any savoury choices of pancakes out there yesterday though?

Here are a few ideas of some we have found online – old and new!

Stuffed pancakes with spiced beef

This stuffed pancakes with spiced beef looks a little bit like a lasagne but sound great! Garlic, good ground beef, lots of melted cheese – what’s there not to like!

Banana, bacon & pecan pancakes

Banana, bacon & pecan pancakes sounds interesting – we suppose a bit of a take on the traditional American pancakes you get so often with bacon and maple syrup

Creamy chicken and mushroom crispy pancakes

A slightly different take on  the pancake recipe, filling your pancakes with creamy chicken and mushrooms; these can be a real dinnertime treat!

Beef & horseradish pancakes

These beef and horseradish pancakes will really spice things up! Horseradish is an excellent accompaniment to beef – so they come highly recommended!

Thai beef lace pancakes

Or how about something a little different and certainly very pretty. These Thai lace beef pancakes look amazing – think we will need to try these…

Many of our restaurants and cafes across the south east created their own pancake recipes yesterday. Some with meat from Burts Catering Butchers, but obviously we can’t take the credit for anything with lemon, sugar, chocolate, fruit or syrup!

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