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Healthier Meat Choices for 2022

With us being almost one week into 2022 now, there is a good chance that some people will have already given up on the new year’s resolutions they set for themselves. Let’s not be one of those people! If one of your resolutions is to only eat the healthiest meat then keep reading.

Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, but sometimes it’s accompanied by more fat and calories than you want. The best source of protein is lean meat. However, any meat is good for you in moderation. It is just when the meat is deep-fried or breaded that it becomes negative for your health.

Here’s a list of the best cuts of meat that will help you through your New Year Resolution!

Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts without the skin hold lots of protein and very little fat, making it in many peoples opinions the healthiest meat available. What’s more is that the meat is very easy to cook and incredibly versatile and can be thrown into the majority of dishes.

Please remember that although the breast without the skin is low fat, you have to add fat in the form of oil to cook it – and chicken fat is actually much healthier than heated vegetable oil, so maybe leave the skin on if you prefer.


Turkey is the leanest white meat of them all. A very rich source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6. Turkey also contains zinc and vitamin B12. The skinless white meat of turkey is low on fat and is an excellent source of high protein. Turkey also contains anti-cancer properties.

But you may find you are done with that for a while! So if it is white meat you are looking for then stick with chicken.

Sirloin Steak

A sirloin steak has both flavour and is incredibly lean, making it some of the healthiest red meat available. Just 3 ounces of the steak packs about 25 grams of protein. A typical serving has up to 10 grams of fat per serving, but only about 4 of those grams are saturated fat (the bad kind.) Please note that the same serving of other cuts such as T-bone or ribeye will have much more than 10 grams.

Healthier Meat Choices

Leg of Lamb

The leg of lamb is one of the healthier cuts of the meat. However, lamb does have saturated fats so it’s important that you trim the fat off from the leg before you cook it. Also, ensuring that you don’t fry the meat is also very important as it is considered the less-healthy method. Instead, baking or grilling is believed to be much healthier.

What’s best is that the lamb we offer is 100% British, reared outdoors and grass-fed, which a study shows a reduction in fat content. This leaves room for more protein, antioxidants and vitamins in natural, slow grown lamb.

Healthier Meat Choices

Processed Meats

It is always best to avoid anything processed when you’re trying to eat healthily. Processed meat is meat that has been preserved by curing, salting, smoking, drying or canning. Examples of processed meats include:

And don’t forget all those processed meat choices you can buy from fast food chains and in the frozen section at the supermarket – definite no-nos!!

If you’re making a conscious effort to eat healthier cuts of meat then processed meats are one to cut back on; stick to fresh meats. However, eating them occasionally is fine. Just make sure to not let them dominate your diet and avoid eating them every day.

Healthiest Meat processed meat

Looking to make some healthier choices?

Getting your hands on meat directly from the butchers is the best way to do things. A butcher will be able to guide you in what sorts of meats are best for your diet as well as being able to offer you the leanest cuts. Here at Burts Catering Butchers, we offer a home delivery service that delivers cuts of healthy meat to your door.

If you’re wanting to purchase meat that isn’t mass-produced and instead has been raised and reared humanely; then take a look at our extensive range of meats available for delivery here. Or if you’d like to talk to us about an order, to discuss your needs, or just to ask us a question; please call 01424 730417 or fill out an enquiry form here.

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