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Going Out For Breakfast…

Along with the coffee culture that has been firmly established within the UK as well as abroad, going out for breakfast is also now a thing! These two options really complement each other, as you will almost always have coffee if you go out for breakfast…

There are still many “greasy spoon” cafes around. However you will also see trendy cafes opening; village store type cafes or restaurants that offer something more. As well as this, traditional cafes and restaurants, where once they opened late morning in time for the lunchtime rush, will now open earlier, offering many different types of breakfast.

Busy mums will use this opportunity, after the school run of meeting friends whilst going out for breakfast. Many will have fruit, granola and yoghurt. Many will have eggs and smoked salmon. However there is a massive market still for the traditional cooked breakfast.

Business people will meet up in cafes, where the Wifi is good, have their meetings over coffee and breakfast.

Couples may want breakfast together, especially at weekends.

And there are still all the trades who want to eat a hearty cooked breakfast, so will frequent cafes, restaurants or village stores, near the jobs they are working on.

And owners cannot spare the cost and serve cheap quality food. Otherwise their popularity will dwindle. With social media reviews promoting or demoting venues, you only have to get a few bad reviews and people will leave in their droves.

High quality sausages are a must. Bacon too. And then pork chops or lamb cutlets, kidney or perhaps even gammon for a mixed grill must also be of great quality.

Burts Catering Butchers work right across the south east of England. Quality has always been of the utmost importance and something we are very proud of. If you own a catering establishment, whether it is a small village store, a cafe or a larger restaurant and want to really impress your customers then give us a try.

We’ve worked hard to form close relationships with the best suppliers, who in turn have great relationships with the best farmers that deliver the best produce. Throughout the time we look after your produce, from the moment it’s delivered to us to the moment we deliver it to you, we make sure it’s looked after so it arrives in the best possible condition.

Our reputation is exceptional. If you are struggling to find a good and reliable meat supplier for your business, then please get in touch. Either give us a call on 01424 730417 or fill in our contact form and someone will be back in touch.

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