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FSA Reports Food Safety Standards Being Maintained in the Meat Industry

During these uncertain times, it has become clear that businesses up and down the country have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst some businesses have had to temporarily close, other companies providing essential products and services have remained open to serve the public as best they can.

But for businesses that are open, there comes an additional issue of staffing levels due to government guidelines for people to self-isolate for 2 weeks if anyone in their household starts to show symptoms of Covid-19.

As a result, companies that are staying open during this time are experiencing low or fluctuating levels of staff. Meaning that it has become increasingly difficult to maintain standards.

But in a recent open letter from the Food Standards Agency, they have said that despite this pandemic, the meat industry is continuing to maintain its high standards of food hygiene and safety. They also highlight how these businesses have used existing FSA legislation to ensure all safety regulations are met, whilst also practising ‘social distancing’ on their premises.

“We also wish to express my gratitude to those meat businesses that have risen to the significant challenge that social distancing presents at their sites.”

Dr Colin Sullivan, COVID-19 Incident Director
Martin Evans, Acting Chief Operating Officer
Food Standards Agency

As one of the businesses who are remaining open we have diversified by setting up a localised online meat delivery option for our customers. With many of the normal eateries temporarily closed it was important for us to keep supplying our local area with high quality meat. On our premises, we’re practicing the effective social distancing, and our deliveries ensure there is zero contact between the drivers and customers.

If you’d like to order some high-quality, restaurant standard meat from us, please visit our home delivery page.

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