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Eating Out is a Growing Market

Over the last few decades, the traditional pub has been slowing dying off. Gone are the days when you would go to the pub on a Friday night for a few beers. That is now saved for many of the older generation who still take enjoyment in this. Most people can’t afford it anymore or just don’t want to do it.

What is growing in popularity, however, is the whole ethos of going out for dinner. Just the same as meeting for coffee in many of the barista coffee shops across the country, who have made a fortune on “posh” coffees, with many options on flavours and styles of coffee. This is a great marketing opportunity but the big chains are monopolising the market. Unless, as a small business, you can offer something different, then you may well struggle.

Eating Out is a Growing Market

However, many independently owned pubs and restaurants are now thriving. And social media plays a big part in this. You only have to see a friend commenting on a particular eatery and many will book and go to eat there; purely based on recommendations they have seen online. And with the many review websites out there, you should be well assured that where you are going will give you either value for money or a great night out. Be prepared however, not all will actually give you value for money; the price of eating out, especially with a family can set you back a fair few pounds!

But what you do get out of the whole experience is a really pleasant lunch or evening out. Perhaps going out with family, good friends, maybe a special occasion…there can always be an excuse to go out for dinner. Which means that drinking pubs are out and trendy places to eat are totally in. Whether it is a country pub, with lots of soft furnishings and background music, or a trendy gastro pub, with wooden floors, blackboard menus and often loud music, you should be assured of a really great experience.

Burts Catering Butchers have been in this game for a long time. We work with many of these types of venues across the south east of England, supplying them with regular orders of fresh meat. And this will be one assured aspect of the dining experience, where you definitely read a good review online.

And we cannot mess up. In any competitive industry, having a bad online review can be detrimental to a business. So we always ensure that our fresh meat is top quality and the service we offer our customers is second to none.

If you run or own an eating establishment and want to order fantastic wholesale meat for your venue, in either Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey then please get in touch. We can supply one off orders of meat if you would like to check out the quality of our meat. Or, as many of our customers do, we deliver on a regular basis.

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