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Dinner Party Ideas?

If you are having a dinner party and are struggling to come up with something new, then you are not alone! We all have our favourite dishes that we find easy to cook, even after a glass of wine or two! And we know these will be a success every time. But what about if you have people over regularly and need to come up with something a bit different – well perhaps start with the choice of meat?

Using a different cut of meat will give you new scope for plenty of new recipes. You only have to go online and search for recipes using lamb shanks, or dinner party food using duck breast and you will come up with loads of suggestions for amazing food using that particular meat! These days there really is no excuses not to be inventive…

So, what about your choice of meat…..well as we said before, lamb shanks are a great choice for a dinner party – they are full of flavour and make a real spectacle in the middle of your table, especially if the bone end is on show. As long as everyone attending enjoys lamb that is – always worth checking!

If your dinner party is “male heavy” or perhaps you are cooking for friends with good appetites, then how about T-Bone Steaks? They look fabulous on your dinner plate and take very little cooking. Full of flavour and quite stunning!

Or if you really want to wow your guests, then how about duck? You can buy either a whole duck, duck legs, which would be great for a starter, or even duck breast. Very impressive cuts of meat and really not hard to cook at all. Perfect for dinner parties too.

Pork belly is also a great idea, if you like pork. Just cook nice and slowly, making sure the outer coat of fat is nice and crispy. Bet you can just smell that cooking now….

If you are cooking for a large group of friends or family, then you could either choose a large roasting joint, or maybe chicken fillets – both make great choices and, as long as they are butchers meat, they are bound to impress your guests!

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