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Different Cuts of Steak

You might have a favourite cut of steak that’s your go-to choice when you go out for dinner. You will also know if you like your steak rare, medium, or well-done. But do you know all the different cuts of steak you can have?

Surprisingly, there are actually 16 different primary cuts of steak. All of them coming from different parts of a cow, and each one has slightly different qualities in size, taste and texture.

cuts of steak

At Burts, we are experts about all these different cuts of steak. Therefore, we thought we’d show you through a few of our favourite cuts of steak.

You might think that eating a steak is a bit of a treat and that it’s not necessarily bad for you. But don’t be so sure; have a read of one of our previous blog posts which highlight the benefits of eating a great steak.

As a catering butcher in the South East, we provide tasty, high-quality steaks to restaurants and pubs all over Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. So if you’re looking for delicious cuts of steak, then you may very well be eating one of ours at your favourite local restaurant.

T-Bone Steak

t-bone cut of steak

This cut of meat is named after the ‘T’-shape of the cut. This comes from the sirloin (or short loin) of the cow. T-Bone steaks are considered one of the highest quality cuts of steak and are always a popular choice for restaurants and pubs.

Fillet Steak

fillet steak

Fillet Steak is cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin. This section runs along both sides of the spine, and means that you generally get a nice round cut. You might find that this is usually referred to as ‘Filet Mignon’ which is just the French term for ‘Tender Fillet’.

This is usually one of the more expensive cuts of meat you can get for a steak.

Sirloin Steak

sirloin steak

Simply named after the section this steak is cut from, the sirloin steak is cut from the upper-middle part of the cow. This cut has a really good flavour, and is a really thick cut.

Sirloin is perfect for grilling, broiling, sautéeing or even simply pan-frying. The Sirloin steak is also largely similar to the Rump Steak, which comes from the same section of the animal.

Ribeye Steak

ribeye steak

As the name suggests, a ribeye steak is from the rib section of the animal. In this cut there is a mix of muscle and fat, and comes with a strong flavour. This as a result makes it a good cut for fast and hot cooking.

Silverside Steak

silverside steak

A silverside steak is cut from just above the leg of the cow. It gets it’s name because of the ‘Silverwall‘ on the side of the cut.

This cut of the meat is regularly used for tins of corned beef or can be thinly sliced to create small ‘minute steaks’ that are fast and easy to cook.

Topside Steak

topside steak

Following on from the Silverside steak, the Topside steak comes from the inside of the hind leg.

These steaks are strong in flavour and are naturally a much tougher cut for a piece of steak.

Looking for a High-Quality Cuts of Steak?

So if you’re looking for delicious cuts of beef for steaks for your restaurant, pub, or catering company; please get in touch with Burts Catering Butchers. We deliver high-quality cuts of meat including beef to businesses in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

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