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Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

Summer has officially started and a bbq is an iconic part of a British summer. So, don’t just go for the basics, elevate your bbq game with some of our best products! Create the best BBQ you can this summer, all delivered directly to your door.

Boost your burger game!

Don’t just stick to the burger and bun combo, really elevate those flavours and go for something that will leave your guests wanting more. Of course, the key and most crucial part of a beef burger is an exceptional beef patty. You want the beef to be delicious on its own but incredible when combined with all the other elements of the burger. We all know the classics, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato and maybe a sprinkle of lettuce but, why not go that little bit further? Why not enhance those sweet smokey bbq flavours with sticky pulled pork? Or even give it a more Mediterranean flavour with mozzarella and beef tomatoes. And for the veggie lovers out there, grill thick slices of halloumi for the perfect salty alternative.

Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

Wow the crowd with lamb

Have you tried lamb on a bbq? It’s not always a common choice and strays away from the slightly more traditional burger, sausages and chicken. With so many ways to enjoy lamb on the barbie why not give it a go? Lamb kebabs are always a win, with the delicious smokey flavour of the bbq mixed in with the deepness of the lamb, it’s the perfect combination. We all know lamb and mint are like a married couple so of course pair the succulent lamb with a sweet and fresh mint dressing! If kebabs don’t intrigue you why not cook some of our delicious lamb chops over the bbq? Our lamb chops, paired with minted potatoes and a fresh salad, takes your bbq from being just a bbq to being the bbq of the summer! 

Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

You can never go wrong with chicken!

You can literally never go wrong with chicken. Pretty much everyone loves it. Whether you choose to go for our glazed bbq chicken kebabs or our classic thighs and drumsticks, it’s a bbq staple. With so many ways to season, serve and pair chicken why wouldn’t you add it to the already pretty amazing bbq? Not only is it delicious, but it’s a easy crowd-pleaser that will feed plenty of people with little effort.

Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

Sides, Sides, Sides

Along with the main events that is the meat, no bbq would be complete without all the extras! Whether it’s salads, potatoes, rolls or nibbles, the sides and extras are the cherry on top of the cake for a bbq. Don’t just go for a little bit of lettuce in a bowl, really ramp it up with some simple, easy ways like a good dressing! Finding a couple of good dressings and salad toppers will take your salad from being a few leaves on a plate to nearly overpowering the main event! If salads are not for you then go for rice or a delicious selection of potatoes. Why not try the potatoes on the bbq for a smokey flavour? 

Something for the veggies…

If you choose to not eat meat, or are just trying to eat less meat, there are great alternatives for the bbq that you can try. Halloumi makes a fantastic meat substitute for the bbq, with a salty flavour, it pairs with so many other things, sweet chilli, smokey bbq, mint, garlic, honey, and the list goes on. Whether you’re veggie or not, vegetables on the bbq are a great alternative to meat or to accompany as a side dish. The chargrilled flavour the bbq will give the veggies, complements everything else so well. Pepper, mushrooms and courgettes all work amazingly on the bbq! Leave them plain for just the smokey flavour or season them with different herbs spices and sauces! 

Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

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Create the best BBQ you can this summer with Burts Catering Butchers! All of our meat is 100% British and is tracible back to the farm it was reared on. Great meat, from a great farm, that’s hung by a quality butcher will make for the perfect roast.

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