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COVID-Safe Meat Delivery for Restaurants

If you’re a restaurant owner, you may be thinking more about your supply chains, and looking for a COVID-safe contactless meat delivery service.

It has been an incredibly tricky time for many restaurants and catering businesses over the last year. As you may be working on opening up or continuing to open safely; all areas of your business need to be looked at to ensure they are operating safely.

As a result, it will be important that you make sure that every area of your businesses is working as safely as possible. You might need to review particular areas such as where you source your food ingredients from. Also, a lot of large supply chains may still be struggling to deliver the same amount of food whilst adhering to government safety guidelines.

contactless meat delivery

At Burts Catering Butchers, we’ve taken necessary precautions to make sure our meat delivery process is as safe as possible. We have always had high standards when it comes to sourcing, packing, and delivering great tasting meat. Following the government guidelines, we have also incorporated social distancing measures into our staff processes.

Contactless Meat Delivery for Restaurants

Burts Catering Butchers are based in Bexhill and deliver meat to businesses within Sussex, Kent, and Surrey. Our top tasting meat is packaged and delivered safely in our temperature-controlled vans. We will then drop-off the meat to you safely with our contactless meat deliveries.

We’ve also been working throughout the lockdown period by providing a home delivery service. Burts have been making sure that customers in our local area can get exceptional tasting meat delivered to their door. This has been a great success and has helped many people who are isolating or shielding.

We’re well prepared for the precautions that we need to take at every stage of process.

So if you’d like to find out more about Burts delivering delicious, high-quality meat to your restaurant; get in touch with us today.

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