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Cooking Marinated Meats

After following Step One and Step Two, from our spices and oils blogs, your meat should be perfectly prepared for cooking.

What should you do after you have Marinated Meat?

Before Cooking

It is suggested that after you have marinated meat for a length of time – you should wash it off prior to cooking. However, this is dependent on what oils and spices you use, often it is down to personal preference. There are many recipes online to use – or even invent your own!

Cooking Marinated Meat


The majority of marinated meats will cook best on the barbecue. To release the full flavour, heat your barbecue to the max and drop on your marinated meat. The Smokey flavours from the grill will combine perfectly with your tender cuts. Try this on all meats – it works especially well with our steak and chicken but also our wonderful pork and lamb cuts. Or you could also try roasting on a barbecue with the lid down. Most joints would be fabulous for this – some have even been known to cook their Christmas turkey in their barbecue! Lamb is especially good…


A perfect way to cook marinated poultry. Incorporate all the flavours of your marinade into a roasting dish. After pre-heating your oven, cook in the oven-proof dish for a long period of time. Once it is cooked, leave to rest and reach room temperature. This will ensure tenderness. By cooking in this way, meat will fall from the bone when it is ready to serve. In particular, our chicken is ideal for roasting when combined with other flavours!


Frying is probably the most common way to cook meats – aside from in the oven. This is done in a hot frying pan or similar. The meat is cooked when cooked through the middle; this is particularly important with poultry. However this can be different depending on the meat (steak can be left cooked less and still eaten). This is known as levels of ‘doneness.’ Red meat such as steaks, are often cooked in this way.


red meat

This way of cooking is all about enhancing the flavour. In order to successfully do this, you will need a very hot pan, and some oil (or anything that makes it non-stick). You will know it is finished when the outside of the meat forms a brown crust – this is all the natural sugars and proteins coming out.

These are just a few ideas that we have shared. We are sure there are loads of other ways you like to cook your meat!

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