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08 April 2019

Keep Britain Farming This Easter

More and more we are seeing advertised that by buying locally, it will help local families, rather than large corporations. And of course this is… Read More
06 March 2019

How did you eat your pancakes?

With Shrove Tuesday happening yesterday, it was all about the pancake on social media. So how did you eat yours? Lemon and sugar? Other sweet… Read More
13 February 2019

Meat-Free Burgers Containing High Levels of Salt

There are many meat-free alternatives on the market these days. As a leading south east butcher, we cannot fail to see this. But according to… Read More
04 February 2019

How Much Meat Did you Eat While Watching The Super Bowl?

Sporting events always mean more meat is consumed. But one New York restaurant took it to a whole new level! So we ask you this… Read More
28 January 2019

Red Tractor Ad Campaign

The Red Tractor Ad campaign which ran at the end of 2018 has proved a real success. With research of 2,000 shoppers, the campaign was… Read More
17 January 2019

Study Suggests that Red Meat and Dairy are Good for a Healthy Diet

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada have found that people who eat higher levels of red meat and cheese are more likely to live longer. Read More
12 December 2018

New Campaign To Promote Lean Red Meat

A new UK wide campaign to promote lean red meat is underway and being promoted and endorsed by three top celebrities. The collective initiative, by… Read More
20 November 2018

Shop Local This Christmas

People are really starting to come around to the idea of shopping in their local stores. There are even TV ads around this year promoting… Read More
16 October 2018

Walking Dead Burger Idea!

Promoting The Walking Dead TV series, a Helsinki restaurant has reportedly been offering “human flesh” burgers. And not for the first time have recipes of… Read More
06 September 2018

Casseroles and stews aren’t quite back in yet…

With the weather staying warmish for the foreseeable future, customers at the pubs and restaurants we cater for are still preferring a burger with fries… Read More

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