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09 April 2020

FSA Reports Food Safety Standards Being Maintained in the Meat Industry

During these uncertain times, it has become clear that businesses up and down the country have been affected by the… Read More
17 February 2020

Could Britain have the Highest Standard of Sustainable Meat Production?

As we enter the transition period of leaving the European Union, there have been fresh calls to make sure that our food standards in farming… Read More
06 January 2020

Will Brexit Affect the Meat Industry?

The almost unavoidable subject of Brexit has dominated discussion within many industries over the last 3 years. The meat industry and animal welfare in farming… Read More
31 October 2019

UK Sausage Week – Some Regional Bangers

This week marks the third annual UK Sausage Week, celebrating all the best of our British bangers. Running from 28th October-3rd November, this whole… Read More
27 September 2019

The London Pink Tractor Campaign

Environmental activists and farmers may seem unusual allies, but a group is preparing to bring a bright pink tractor to a London demonstration demanding urgent… Read More
28 August 2019

Love Lamb Week

Lamb really is one of our favourite meats. So tasty, rich and full of flavour. So we were excited to read that Stephanie Moon, a… Read More
25 June 2019

BBC’s This Farming Life Looking for New Families

The BBC tv programme This Farming Life is looking for new families across the UK. To take part in the next in this popular series… Read More
04 June 2019

Meat Tax Too Simplistic, say Experts

Experts are warning that the proposed “meat tax”, as part of climate change efforts will be too simplistic and just won’t work. Rather than taxing… Read More
21 May 2019

Women In Meat Industry Awards

According to Meat Management, the Women In Meat Industry Awards have been designed to recognise the vitally important contributions that women make to the meat sector. Driven… Read More
23 April 2019

British Beef Week

23 April – 1 May Great British Beef Week is all about the celebration of our fantastic beef industry. Promoting Red Tractor assured British beef,… Read More

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