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07 July 2021

Is Red Meat Back In?

Over the past year red meat sales have risen by 12.6%. This increase in sales means that meat produce is flying off the shelf! Read More
23 April 2021

Why do Butchers Wear White?

In our profession and in fact many other culinary professions, you may have noticed that all staff members wear white. From chefs to fishmongers and… Read More
19 March 2021

High quality red meat is more popular than ever in 2021

The latest national lockdown has seen more households in the UK buying high-quality cuts of red meat such as beef and lamb. According to… Read More
19 August 2020

Lockdown Red Meat Campaign Hailed a Success

The end of March this year saw the whole country go into a national lockdown to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. This saw a significant… Read More
21 July 2020

National Hot Dog Day 2020

Across the United States, Canada and Australia, the month of July is named as ‘Hot Dog Month’ (as officially titled by the… Read More
07 July 2020

Local Butchers have had more Trade During Covid-19

Whilst there are always fresh calls to encourage local communities across the country to support the businesses around them; it is clear that the supermarkets… Read More
11 June 2020

The Dangers of Chlorinated Chicken

A recent news item which is dominating the meat industry at the moment is the likelihood of chlorinated chicken being introduced to our supermarkets. A… Read More
29 May 2020

Worldwide Demand for Meat Steadily Rising

According to a recent report by Statista, the meat industry is seeing a steady increase in the demand for poultry products across the world. Read More
28 April 2020

The Importance of Buying British Meat

Here's why it's never been more important to support your local British farmers. Read More
09 April 2020

FSA Reports Food Safety Standards Being Maintained in the Meat Industry

During these uncertain times, it has become clear that businesses up and down the country have been affected by the… Read More

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