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13 March 2024

Minimising Meat Waste When Cooking

In today’s world where we strive for sustainability and minimising waste, this is just as important for cooking habits too. For us at Burts Catering… Read More
17 January 2024

Health Benefits of Different Meats

When it comes to building a balanced and nutritious diet, meat often takes center stage as a rich source of essential nutrients. From protein and… Read More
30 November 2023

The Correct Way To Store Meat In Your Fridge This Christmas

Knowing the correct way to store meat in your fridge may seem like common knowledge. However, you may unknowingly be storing your meat improperly. This… Read More
01 November 2023

The Importance Of Purchasing British Meat

If you’re someone who enjoys treating yourself to different varieties and cuts of meats, it’s crucial for you to know the importance in purchasing British… Read More
26 October 2022

How To Store Meat At Home

Here at Burts Catering Butchers, we think it’s incredibly important people are adequately educated on how to store meat at home. Storing cooked… Read More
05 May 2022

The Pros of Being a Pro in Your own Kitchen

Cooking a meal at home may sound like a chore to some but there are many advantages to getting your hands dirty and becoming a… Read More
29 October 2021

We Eat Balanced Campaign

The We Eat Balanced Campaign all about promoting a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet, where all foods have a role to play. Read More
28 February 2020

Is Having Meat for Breakfast Healthy?

Considered as one of the iconic British meals; the full English breakfast is an array of splendid meats and fried foods, filling the plate with… Read More
06 December 2019

How to Properly Freeze and Defrost Meat

We’re sure you’re aware of the benefits of freezing meat, as well as the disadvantages and possible risks that come with trying to defrost meat. Read More
14 August 2019

Benefits Of Eating A Great Steak…

Many people will choose a steak when they visit a restaurant or pub. There just isn’t any other option for them. Steak, chips, onion rings,… Read More

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