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10 May 2024

How to Make the Perfect Pork Crackling

If you’re preparing Sunday lunch with roast pork, we’re sure your family and friends are eager to try some crispy crackling. If you’re seeking tips… Read More
17 April 2024

Quality Butchers Meat For a Restaurant

Are you searching for quality butcher’s meat for a restaurant? Look no further than Burts Catering Butchers based in the south east of the UK,… Read More
09 April 2024

Healthier Meat Choices This Spring

With the months rushing by and we are now well into spring, many are thinking of getting into shape for the warmer weather ahead of… Read More
06 March 2024

Common Misconceptions About Meat

In the world of food, there can be debate and misinformation about meat. From concerns about health and nutrition to debates over ethics and sustainability. Read More
30 November 2023

The Correct Way To Store Meat In Your Fridge This Christmas

Knowing the correct way to store meat in your fridge may seem like common knowledge. However, you may unknowingly be storing your meat improperly. This… Read More
01 November 2023

The Importance Of Purchasing British Meat

If you’re someone who enjoys treating yourself to different varieties and cuts of meats, it’s crucial for you to know the importance in purchasing British… Read More
21 September 2023

Cutting Through the Chill: Hearty Autumn Meat Dishes

Autumn is upon us! Turn your attention towards some hearty meals to help get you through the colder months ahead... Read More
06 July 2023

Create The Best BBQ You Can This Summer

Summer has officially started and a bbq is an iconic part of a British summer. So, don’t just go for the basics, elevate your bbq… Read More
15 June 2023

Premium Cuts: Elevate Your Catering Game

In the constantly changing competitive world of catering, it is essential you impress clients and leave a lasting impression. Whether you specialise in weddings, corporate… Read More
28 May 2023

Environmental Benefits of Local Catering Butchers

In a time of eco-consciousness and sustainable practices, people are becoming aware of the impact their dietary preferences have on the planet. Henceforth, the choices… Read More

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